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Black Friday Exclusive - Black Tiger Dumpling

Black Friday Exclusive - Black Tiger Dumpling

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We opened up the fabric vault for a special run in the legacy Black Tiger Stripe.  Made from original legacy print 1000D, it is highly unlikely we will ever find any more fabric.  So don't miss out on the chance!

To maximize yield from what limited fabric we had, we made the bottoms from 1000D Black.  Handles, Zipper, and Liner are all black.


Odd name for a pouch, right?  It's not just because we love xiaolongbao (although if you haven't tried the chocolate-filled ones, remedy that.  Life-changing...)  When you throw handles on a UZip, it looks like a miniature version of the Superior Defense Dumpster duffel.

So if a small duck = duckling, then a small Dumpster = dumpling....right?  Right.

After teaming up with Superior Defense for the first few batches, we've launched some standard colorways here.  Don't worry, for those of you who must have the tiny tank editions, there will be others with SupDef.

9"x5"x3", with handles

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