Alpen Design Works started the way many American companies do. As a tiny idea with limited resources. Beginning with one sewing machine in the corner of a guest room in 2014, a few yards of miscellaneous Cordura, and some salvaged buckles from an old backpack, it is now an all-in-one soft goods design service provider.

Kory Brown - Owner

Kory's impulse purchase of an industrial sewing machine while he was partway through college altered the course of his life. What started as repairing items for himself and friends eventually led to leaving behind a career in chemistry and pursuing a career as a designer in the military/tactical gear industry, and later to pursue his own design studio full time.

The Alpen Name

When he first started sewing, Kory selected "Bergspitze Customs" as his brand. A bit of a nonsense German word meaning "mountain peak".

When the brand shifted from one-off custom work to professional design services, it was rebranded to Alpen Design Works. Same callback to Kory's time living in Germany, same creative minds behind the products, but far easier to say and spell.